St. Ewe Dippy Egg and Soldiers

St. Ewe Free Range Eggs really are extra special, laid by free roaming hens, then hand picked each morning. I used the St. Ewe’s ‘Boost the Roost’ eggs enriched with Selenium & DHA and Omega 3, for my dippy egg.  Approved by the RSPCA and Vegetarian Society, plus 5p of each pack is donated to Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Can’t beat dippy eggs and soldiers for a mid week brunch!

St Ewe Boost the Roost | Dippy egg and soldiers | Stacy Grant Food Photographer

Meat Free Monday – Ful Madamous

This Meat Free Monday I’m very excited to share this amazing Fava bean dip… Ful Madamous, which I recently discovered. Ful is a traditional Arabic food made by the exciting new brand Cuzena, these pots come in three flavours, this is the Sweet Caramelised Onion Ful… they are seriously tasty!

Caramelised Onion Ful Madams | Cuzena | Stacy Grant Photography

52 weekends No. 29 – Pottering

What beautiful weather we’re having this weekend! There was no doubt how I was going to spend this weekend… in my garden. First day of the year I’ve spent time out there, I love just wandering around admiring the plants and flowers I’ve grown – the garden was empty when we moved in so everything out there is all my own work. I had little tidy up, put up some new trellis, brought out the garden furniture and gathered together some tired looking pots and an old broken watering can which I decided to bring to life. I was also given an old chimnea recently and I decided to set that up a planter. With £10 spent in Morrisons on new plants (that included a Wisteria and Clematis, which I also potted) and some old paint I had stored in the garage it was a happy little weekend project that brought some more colour into the garden and gave me a good dose of vitamin D.

52 weekends Pottering | Garden inspiration | Stacy Grant Creative Photographer 52 weekends Pottering | Garden inspiration | Stacy Grant Creative Photographer