52 Weekends No.41 – Handmade note books

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago my Mum kindly bought me a sewing machine. I’ve never really done much sewing but I’m really keen to learn. Since I received it I’ve been gathering ideas and patterns on Pinterest, buying fabric from various shops and this weekend I felt ready to try it out.

I started by learning what all the bits on the machine do and practiced a couple of different stitches and learnt about thread tension. Then I was ready to start my first project, what was it going to be… the floppy summer hat? The house slippers, an apron, pin cushion, wall storage, summer dress, bunny doll? I’d collected so many ideas at this point I got a little over whelmed. I needed to real myself back in and write a list of projects in order and build up my confidence. That’s when my first project found me… a note book made of scrap paper. Maybe not the most obvious first sewing project but at least I now have a little note book to write down all my ideas, put them in order and work through them 😀

Handmade Notes Books | 52 Weekends | Stacy Grant

52 Weekends No.40 – Music in the Park

This weekend we celebrated the 40th anniversary of The Cure by watching them play live in Hyde Park as part of the British Summertime Festival and they were amazing!

A beautiful summers day spent relaxing in the park watching live music is my idea of bliss! If you get chance to get tickets for these type of events they really do make a great weekend.

Inspired by all the music we heard today I gathered together some of my favourite CD and decided to make myself a good old fashion compilation mix for the car. Cover it in doodles with a magic marker and boom.. CD Mix tape!

52 Weekends No.40 - Music in the Park | Stacy Grant