T-Shirt Yarn Macrame

52 Weekends No.21 – T-Shirt Yarn Macrame. I’ve been loving the recent trend of hanging house plants and I’m currently refurbing our bathroom with a tropical theme (or Vietnam Flashback as my husband has affectionally named the style) and my plan is to fill it with hanging plants. So this weekend I thought I would try my hand at Macrame for the first time, using t-shirt yarn (as it’s cheap. easy to make and lovely to work with) I had enough left over so I made a mini plant pot holder too. Give it a go… great sense of achievement.

T-Shirt Yarn Macrame | Stacy Grant | Craft Photography T-Shirt Yarn Macrame | Stacy Grant | Craft Photography

52 Weekends No.20 – Valentines Pressed Flower Keepsake

Love is in the air this weekend as Valentines Day approaches, which makes it the perfect weekend to make a Valentines Keepsake for this weeks 52 Weekends Project.

Just before Christmas my wonderful Husband bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers to cheer me up, in the bunch was some Gypsophila sprayed with gold, it was so lovely I decided to pressed it. I knew it would look great framed in my cute little Oliver Bonas kiko frame along with this beautiful quote ‘If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.’ The perfect valentines gift.

Valentines Pressed Flowers | Stacy Grant | 52 Weekends | Creative Photographer

Valentines Pressed Flowers | Stacy Grant | 52 Weekends | Creative Photographer


52 Weekends No.19 – Traditional Afternoon Tea at the Palace

52 weekends is inspiration for craft projects, things to do or places to visit. This week it’s a little bit of everything. To celebrate my Mum’s birthday I’m treating her to a traditional afternoon tea at the Orangery at Blenheim Palace as a surprise. So I designed and made a cute little invite to surprise her with, I used one of my vintage tea cups to draw from and used tissue paper for the pattern, the idea is the tea bag being pulled out of the cup… I’m really pleased with how it turned out and Mum and I had a fabulous day!

Blenheim Palace | Traditional Afternoon Tea | Invitation | Stacy Grant

52 Weekends No. 16 – Feed the Birds

This winter weekend I thought it would be nice idea to give the birds a helping hand finding their food with the added bonus of attracting them to my little garden.

So quick and easy to make and takes no time at all. All you’ll need is; bird seed (think my bag cost me a pound at Wilko), block of fat, found pine cones, string and cookie cutters. And simply dunk the pine cones into the melt fat them into the seeds. After that you can mix the fat and seed together and fill cookie cutters with the mix.  Chill in the fridge to help it set.

52 Weekends | Stacy Grant | Creative Photographer | Bird cakes

52 Weekends | Stacy Grant | Creative Photographer | Bird cakes


52 weekends No.15 – Making Plans and planners

With it being the first weekend of the new year, it seemed right to use my time making plans, setting goals (both work and play) and booking trips. Which has left me feeling very organised and relaxed as well as looking forward to an amazing year ahead. I also made a wall planner for January to help keep me organised and remind me of my goals and my to do list. It’s hand drawn and took no time at all. If you struggle with nice hand drawn fonts, do what I did and trace them directly of your computer 😉
52 Weekends Making Plans and planners | Stacy Grant | Creative Photographer

52 Weekends No.14 – New Years Eve Party

52 Weekends No.14 – New Year’s Eve Party. Today I’ve been busy preparing for a little New Years Eve Party we’re hosting, nothing huge… just games and crisps with the family. I did want it to add a little sparkle to the occasion so I’ve been busy making a banner for the wall and sparklers for our drinks. It was a fun little project, perfect for this weeks 52 Weekends project. I’m looking forward to sharing more weekend inspiration in 2018. Happy New Year everyone xx

New Year Banner | Stacy Grant | Creative Photographer New Year Drink Sparkler | Stacy Grant | Creative Photographer

Best of Non Food Friday 2017

I have been working this week, just a little and with my favourite classic 1980s movies playing in the background. I’ve been planning the year ahead, setting objectives (both work and personal) and writing lots of lists and filling in my dairy for 2018… but I have also taken time to reflecting on the amazing year that I’ve had.

The highlight, of course the amazing experience and honour of having my work displayed in the Mall Galleries and being awarded 3rd place in my category for the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards. I shot for three restaurant menus, Frankie & Benny’s, Chiquitos and a new London restaurant not yet opened (so still very hush hush) and had the delight of meeting and shooting The Tanner brothers in action. I had the pleasure of working once again with the delightful publishers Search Press and added four new craft books to my portfolio and made some new friends along the way.  I was thrilled to be part of the exciting launch of the new,revolutionary, cross stitch magazine… XStitch with the awesome Mr XStitch. I’ve also had some rather exciting new fashion projects with Bobbi Parka and Milky Cereal, some impressive make over shoots for Avon and a fun charity calendar with Coppa Feel… And I launched the ’52 Weekend’ project!

Today, being Friday… I wanted to share the best of NON FOOD FRIDAY with you all and thank all of those wonderful people who have made my 2017 great!

Best of Non Food Friday 2017 | Stacy Grant | Creative photographer



52 Weekends No. 13 – Yule Log

T’was the weekend before Christmas, so technically I’m feet up and enjoying the holidays. However I couldn’t possibly have a Christmas with out my favourite holiday treat… the Christmas Yule Log. I love to make one of these every year and the version I make is so simple it’s just pure joy! Recipe below image.

Christmas Yule Log | Stacy Grant | Creative Food Photography

Ingredients – shop bought Vanilla and Jam Swiss Roll, 2 100g bars of milk chocolate.

Method – Unwrap and place swiss roll on your christmas serving board, chop a large slice off the end of the swiss roll and place it on the side of the main roll. Melt all the chocolate in a Pyrex dish in the microwave or saucepan method.  Once melted, decorate the swiss roll with the melted chocolate using a pallet knife to create a log-like texture. Dust with a little icing sugar and use Rosemary sprigs to look like trees. Simple but beautiful!

52 Weekends No.12 – Getting into the Festive Spirit

This weekend (with just 9 days to go) we’ve decided it’s time to get into the festive spirit.  We’ve put the tree and decorations up, we’ve made and eaten mince pies and started watching Christmas movies, my favourite is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (I believe it to be a Christmas movie, it has snow in it and Father Christmas).

I made this tree two Christmases ago, it’s really easy to make and is a great alternative to a traditional tree. Just collect large sticks of various lengths and string them together  (best way to do that is to string it together whilst it’s hanging in position). This year I’ve treated us to a new Polar Bear decoration, as soon as I saw him I knew we had to have him… I love bears!

This year I’ve added to my decorations by making a PomPom snowball garland, which happens to tie in nicely with my gift wrap theme this year.

Alternative Christmas Tree | 52 Weekends |Stacy Grant

Pompom Snowball garland | Stacy Grant Craft | 52 WeekendsAs for the mice pies, I cannot recommend this recipe enough… honestly the best mince pies you’ll ever taste! And so easy to make too, recipe below. They’re a winner every year!

Best Mince Pie Recipe | Stacy Grant food PhotographyMince Pie Recipe (makes 9)

Ingredients – 112g cold Butter, 175g plain flour, 50g sugar and a jar mincemeat.

Method – Rub together the butter, sugar and flour until it turns into a dough. Then divide the dough into half. Roll each half into a sausage shape and divide and cut into nine discs. Flatten the discs into the holes of a patty tin and fill with mincemeat. Make lids out of the other half of the dough and press onto the filled bases with the warmth of your fingers then bake for 20 mins at fan 180C. Simple! And so yummy!