Vintage Retro Camera Display

I’m a collector, I collect all sorts of things, so naturally one of the thing I collect is vintage and retro cameras. They have been gathering on my shelves and been becoming increasingly more cramped. So finally I decided to make them their own display space. I’ve had this large empty frame for tens years just gathering dust with no purpose, so I hung that on the wall, painting the inside space black, then hung two box shelves inside and a couple of hooks and boom, awesome display space… I love it!

Vintage camera display

North Laine Brighton

It’s time for a much needed holiday away from work, so this week I’ll be having a little break from food photography and I’ll be sharing some of my other passions in life. My lovely boyfriend and I have taken the week off and have lots of lovely things planned to help us relax and enjoy our time together.

Our holiday actually began last Friday when we headed down to Brighton for a day out. First stop North Laine for breakfast at my favourite Wai Kika Moo Kau followed by a rummage around Snoopers Paradise. Bought two old movie posters (Attack of the 50ft Woman and Forbidden Planet) in Vintage Magazine Co. Shopped in North Laine and sheltered from the rain in coffee shops and restaurants, we also looked around the museum and art gallery. Love Brighton!


Veggie breakfast - Wai Kika Moo Kau Brighton

Veggie Breakfast at Wai Kika Moo Kau


New dress bought from Get Cutie

Kodak Brownie found in Snoopers Paradise


Stopped in Berties for a hot chocolate and scone

Brighton Pavilion

Brighton Pavilion

North Laine Brighton

Non Food Friday No.1

Most of the time this blog is all food food food, so I thought I might be nice to introduce a little fun on Fridays and share something that’s not all about food photography. So today we begin with the first of a new little feature called ‘Non Food Friday’ and I thought I’d start by sharing a couple of my purchases this week. The first is something that I’ve seen popping up in shops recently and I have totally fallen in love with. As a person who loves to write lists the idea of a week planner/mouse pad/note pad with tear off weekly pages PLUS cute design…was pure genius and of course I had to have one!

This really cute design is by Knock Knock  ( which I found in John Lewis, Paperchase also have some great designs too.



I’ve also treated myself to a couple of very cute necklaces that I found in Accesorize, which is currently having a 50% sale, the camera necklace was reduced to £3 and the specs were £2.50, love them both equally.




FujiFilm Instax 210

Apologies for being a little quiet recently, it’s been my birthday and I do take my birthday celebrations seriously.

One of the best things about birthdays, apart from celebrating with groups friends, is all the lovely gifts!! My favourite gift this year (from my lovely boyfriend) Fujifilm Instax 210… a great feature of this camera is a little clip on lens for self portraits which not only allows you to shoot really close up but has a little mirror so you make sure you’re in frame! LOVE IT!



Thursday and Friday I was in Germany for Photokina, a huge photographic expo held in Cologne. It was so massive… there was so much to see; equiptment, accessories, cameras, talks, workshops and random models… everything. I was thrilled to see a large Lomography display, showcasing some of the great Lomo cameras that I’d love to own. And saw some great exhibitions of work, my favourite was a large collection of work by Uwe Ommer & Regine Feldgen of Teens & Families in Europe..Amazing!

It was so exhausting, I’d been up since before 5 to catch the plane, then after travelling we walked the 2 miles to the exhibition and then spent the next 5 hours walking around all the stalls before embarking on the walk back to the hotel… It was so worth it though.