Affleck’s Palace

This Saturday I took a trip to Manchester to visit my good friend Amanda, who is more of a big sister to me, to celebrate her birthday. She met me at the train station and took me around some of her favourite places to shop and eat, we then finished off the day with cocktails… it was such a great weekend.

One of the places we went to was Affleck’s Palace, which is a large indoor market situated in a 4 story building. They describe themselves as an emporium of eclecticism, a totem of indie commerce and a great place to shop for anything from a top hat to a tattoo. I loved it. One of the things I loved about it the most was the art on the walls on the building… great stuff.

G Dad’s Collectables

Today I had the urge to go to G Dad’s Collectables in Old Wolverton… it’s one of my favourite places for a good rummage for vintage and retro goodies. They have everything from figurines, jewellery, cutlery, crockery, clothes, old toys and books. I love it. They also have a cute little 1940s inspired tea room for a cream tea after you’ve had a good look around.

I always come home with something from there and today was no different, I purchased two very cute cake stands.

You could spend hours rummaging
Cabinets full of goodies
How cute is this oven!
Love this little cabinet
Brown shoe collection
Cafe for cream tea


My new cake stand/sandwich tray, £5
And the other new cake stand, £4

Woburn Coffee House

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning, catching up with a good friend and testing out a cute coffee shop in the village.

I walk past Woburn Coffee House every time I walk into the village and every time the selection cute vintage tea cups and cake stands in the window draw my attention. I’ve wanted to go in there for ages now, so when I arrange to meet up with my lovely friend Amanda for morning coffee, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to check it out.

It was beautiful inside, so many pretty things for us to look at as well as the gorgeous looking cakes. We ordered a cream tea, coffee and a croque monsieur. The food was as beautiful as the place and all freshly made and really tasted. We were made very welcome by the friendly, chatty staff… so glad we chose to go there.

The perfect Saturday morning.

Japanese Koi Company

Spent the afternoon looking around the Japanese Koi Company in Henlow. Not only do they have the largest Koi I’ve ever seen, but they also have lots of other tropical fish, birds, reptiles, bunnies, ferrets and even hairless guinea pigs, which I’m still not sure if I like or not.


Curry Night

Tonight I decided as I’m home alone that I would cook a curry, Bombay potatoes, dhal and chili tomatoes.
When I cook for myself I’m so much more relaxed, I’ll experiment without a care because after all it’s only me who’ll be eating it, however tonight I wish that James had been here to try my Bombay Potatoes… they were amazing. I couldn’t even save him any, because even though I was stuffed and had made a large portion I ate them all! I didn’t really keep track of what I was adding as I cooked, I was just having fun, so as I ate them I grab a pen and paper and tried to recall everything, because I have to have these again.  I’ll type it up and share it with you tomorrow.
Bombay Potatoes
Quorn Madras

Chili Tomatoes


Be My Valentine

I LOVE Valentines Day…. I really look forward to it and I think it’s a really cute day worth celebrating. Nothing over the top but just a little nod to acknowledged the day. This year I suggested to James that we have a £5 budget and the the challenge would be to buy each other the tackiest valentines gifts we could find. Not much of a challenge as the shops were full of goodies to choose from.

My five pounds managed to stretch to a pair of ‘Love Machine’ socks with a robot on them, heart shaped chocolates and a small bear with a heart on his chest. I received a Hello Kitty holding a heart… perfect.

I was also spoilt my my besties, Sarah and Paul with chocolates and jewelry. Such a fun day.

My Facebook Profile picture on Valentines Day
My gift from James


Necklace from Sarah

Matching bracelet from Sarah


Amazing chocolates from Paul

Brownie from Paul…yum!

Snoopers Paradise Brighton

Yesterday we took a day trip to Brighton, we walked around The Lanes, North Laine and ate at one of my favourite places to eat Wai Kika Moo Kau.

The best thing about Brighton, in my mind and heart is Snoopers Paradise… I could spend hours in there, getting lost amongst the cabinets full of old goodies from my childhood, antiques, old photos of unknown people and places and general randomness. They also have an upstairs now, which was like a vintage clothing and jewellery boutique… but I also found a cabinet full of tiny glass bottles with butterfly wings in them and other bugs. The guy who made them came chatted to me for a bit, telling me where he found the bugs and how old they were… I couldn’t quite decided if I liked them or not, but was interesting never the less.

It was such a pleasure introducing James to some of my favourite places.