Searching For Morris Men

All I wanted to see on the May Day Bank holiday was May Pole dancing and Morris Men. I’m sure it’s the tradition for this time of year but do you think I could find anywhere with these two things going on, no! I’m surrounded by small villages perfect for a May Day celebration, but all I could find was a fun fair.

We enjoyed wandering around in the sun and stumbled across a lovely vintage shop with loads of gorgeous Lambrettas and Vespas parked outside and inside was full of vinyl, jewellery, fabric, fur coats and a tea shop… great find.




Saturday Rebellion Roller derby hosted a charity evening of Burlesque in memory of Beulah Ballbreaker and to raise money for The University College Hospital Leukaemia and Lymphoma Unit.

I was a great night full of fun times, live music and burlesque. I only took a couple of photos and I was too busy enjoying myself. Pics of Toxic Aurora.

New Dress

To start the bank holiday we took a trip to St. Albans to visit a Goth Exhibition in the local Museum. Whilst we were there we took the opportunity to look around the shops and as usual I found myself rummaging in the charity shops.

The moment I walked into the Cancer Research shop a dress caught my eye… after a closer look and a check of the size, I knew I had to have it. Its perfect and a bargain at only £5.50.

Best in Show

Whilst compiling the recycling this morning I came across the local paper and thought I’d just flick through to see what was going on in Milton Keynes this weekend and came across a cat show that was being held at a local college leisure centre. As I was meeting up with my friend Cathy this afternoon for a catch up, I thought I’d ask her if she fancied coming along with me to check it out.

Having never been to such an event I had no idea what to expect… the event did not disappoint. Not sure what I enjoyed more the cats or their owners!!!

Grey on grey

Bad kitty

Love this judge’s tie!

Kitty ears



Shepreth Wildlife park

Today my lovely boyfriend took me to Shepreth Wildlife Park to visit my adopted deer Dancer which he bought me for Christmas. Sadly the deers had been moved on Thursday, due to construction work… bad timing, but I got to adopt another animal and I chose a little Pine Martin called Heather who was very lively and entertaining to watch.
It’s a great little wildlife park well worth a visit. 

Croc from the movie Finding Neverland

This rabbit was huge, the photo doesn’t give it scale