Victoria Sponge Cake

I was so excited this week when I found out that we would be shooting a Victora sponge cake recipe and not only that but also cooking and styling it would be the lovely Julia Azzarello. My brief to Julia was to give the Victoria sponge a modern twist by styling it similar to the current trend of naked cakes… she didn’t let me down, it looked (and tasted) stunning!

Victoria sponge

Victoria Sponge Cake by Stacy Grant

Victoria Sponge by Stacy Grant

Victoria Sponge WAS photography

Dippy Egg and Soldiers

We had a dairy shoot this week, where I needed to show, milk, yogurt and butter in the on shot. Which was exciting as I finally got to use my mini vintage milk bottle in a shot. The composition in the final shot is very different to this as being a dairy shot, the yogurt needed to sit in the foreground, with the sub heroes being the milk, cereal and butter. But as I was setting up the shot, this was my favourite composition, so I shot this for me. Makes me long for the weekend, so I can have a cooked breakfast!

Soft boiled egg by Stacy Grant

Christmas Treats

It’s nearly Christmas… that not only means photographing lots of turkeys it also means mince pies! YUM!

This week I’ve shot the prep of mince pies, which I was rather excited about as I got to use my beautiful vintage fairycake tray that I bought in summertime and a vintage fair and well as shooting shop bought Finest mince pies. I love these shots, styled by the talented Vicky Sheard.

Making Mince Pies by Stacy Grant

Mince Pies by Stacy Grant

Non Food Friday – Woburn Village Festival

Last weekend was the Woburn Village Festival, an annual event in my village that I really look forward to. The festival used to known as the Oyster Festival because it was all about eating Oysters, drinking beer and listening to live music. Last year it changed to the Village Festival to make it more a family event, they still sell Oysters and  have live music, but it’s not quite the same. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of antique stalls there this year and picked up a lovely little vintage Hovis tin for only £4… bargain!

Woburn Oyster Festival

Woburn Village Festival

Woburn Village Festival antiques

Vintage Hovis bread tin