Meat Free Monday – Blue Spirulina Bowl

This Meat Free Monday I’m embracing Blue Monday by getting involved in the new blue food craze using the powerful antioxidant Blue Spirulina (powder). It’s benefits include protein and Vits A, K1, K2 and B12, iron and Manganese, which makes it perfect for creating my vegan (coconut yogurt substitute) mermaid breakfast bowl!

Blue food | Blue Spirulina | Stacy Grant | Food Photographer


Meat Free Monday

I’ve decided to re-introduce Meat Free Mondays as a regular post and what better time to do that than Veganuary! So if you need a little inspiration to get you through the month then look no further. Here my breakfast smoothy bowl of soya and coconut yogurt alternative… they make such pretty pictures, taste pretty good too!

Vegan Smoothy bowl | Stacy Grant | Food Photographer

Best Food Photography 2017

As I look back at 2017 I feel so proud. My portfolio is ever growing and evolving and this year I have produced so much work that I am so proud of, it’s proving to be an impossible task of choosing just nine images to sum up a truly fabulous year for me!

There was the amazing experience and honour of having my work displayed in the Mall Galleries and being awards 3rd place in my category for the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards. I’ve been shooting all over the country and it’s has been an absolute delight working and meeting so many wonderful creative people; chefs, food stylists, photographers, art directors, designers, agencies, project managers, artists, crafters, publishers, editors. I’ve shot for three restaurant menus, Frankie & Benny’s, Chiquitos and a new London restaurant not yet opened (so still very hush hush) and had the delight of meeting and shooting The Tanner brothers in action. Wow… that really was quite a year!

I feel so fortunate to have a job that I truly love and would like to thank all those wonderful people who I have worked with this year and my family and friends that have supported me! Wishing you all a very happy 2018!

Best Food Photography 2017 | Stacy Grant | Food Photographer

52 Weekends No. 13 – Yule Log

T’was the weekend before Christmas, so technically I’m feet up and enjoying the holidays. However I couldn’t possibly have a Christmas with out my favourite holiday treat… the Christmas Yule Log. I love to make one of these every year and the version I make is so simple it’s just pure joy! Recipe below image.

Christmas Yule Log | Stacy Grant | Creative Food Photography

Ingredients – shop bought Vanilla and Jam Swiss Roll, 2 100g bars of milk chocolate.

Method – Unwrap and place swiss roll on your christmas serving board, chop a large slice off the end of the swiss roll and place it on the side of the main roll. Melt all the chocolate in a Pyrex dish in the microwave or saucepan method.  Once melted, decorate the swiss roll with the melted chocolate using a pallet knife to create a log-like texture. Dust with a little icing sugar and use Rosemary sprigs to look like trees. Simple but beautiful!