Summertime Food Photography

Firstly sorry, it appears to have been a month since my last blog entry… I’ve been busy shooting food and wine as well as enjoying a week off at home spring cleaning and prop shopping.

I’m so happy that Spring is finally here,  the blossom and daffodils are out and everything we are shooting in the studio is being lit to suggest alfesco dining. We’ve seen lots of BBQ food coming in to be shot, we’ve even built a little BBQ set with grass in a corner of the studio.

Even my recent wine shoot was shot in a very different style to what the team usually like. The brief was to create a fresh outdoors feel and included a lot more food than we usually do, suggesting friends coming together at Easter.

Breadsticks by Stacy Grant

Wine by Stacy Grant

Rustic Bread by Stacy Grant

Salmon by Stacy Grant

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 12.32.39

Victoria Sponge Cake

I was so excited this week when I found out that we would be shooting a Victora sponge cake recipe and not only that but also cooking and styling it would be the lovely Julia Azzarello. My brief to Julia was to give the Victoria sponge a modern twist by styling it similar to the current trend of naked cakes… she didn’t let me down, it looked (and tasted) stunning!

Victoria sponge

Victoria Sponge Cake by Stacy Grant

Victoria Sponge by Stacy Grant

Victoria Sponge WAS photography

Dippy Egg and Soldiers

We had a dairy shoot this week, where I needed to show, milk, yogurt and butter in the on shot. Which was exciting as I finally got to use my mini vintage milk bottle in a shot. The composition in the final shot is very different to this as being a dairy shot, the yogurt needed to sit in the foreground, with the sub heroes being the milk, cereal and butter. But as I was setting up the shot, this was my favourite composition, so I shot this for me. Makes me long for the weekend, so I can have a cooked breakfast!

Soft boiled egg by Stacy Grant

Fresh Fruit & Veg

I’ve been pushing really hard over the last few months to refresh the look and feel of the fruit and veg signage in store. The current signs look so dated, unappealing and no way do they encourage me to want to buy what they are advertising. The produce looks so staged and over styled which makes the food look so unnatural.

The ideas I have been working on is to make the produce the main focus of the shot and look fresh, mouth wateringly tasty and  ultimately make you want to eat it. Here’s what the new look and feel will hopefully look like.

fruit and veg by Stacy Grant

Fruit by Stacy Grant

Fruit photography by Stacy Grant

Back to Reality

After an amazing week off (which felt like two) it was back to work I went, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world of food photography once more.

The first thing on the agenda… frozen food. Not the most attractive of foods to shoot but certainly a challenging one if you want to make it look appetising and I think we achieved that.

Ice cream


Dipper by Stact Grant

Smoked Cod

Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi

This weekend I’m reviewing the food photography in Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi photographed by Jonathan Lovekin.

The photography is stunning. Great looking food, beautiful colours and lovely clear bright lighting. Most of the time the food fills the page from an overhead shot, really showcasing the food and creating a really striking image. Leaving you with no doubt that the food is the hero.

The food styling is very simple and honest giving the impression that it has not been styled at all, yet looks perfect. Prop styling is minimal.

The food photography is supported by beautiful shots of Jerusalem by Adam Hinton. A great book very inspiring.

Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi