52 Weekends – No Sew T-Tote

This weekend was perfect, it ticked all the boxes. We went out to watch a band on Friday night, Saturday I had a fun photoshoot followed by lunch with friends and on Sunday I had the most inspirational and fun day – we went to the Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs exhibition displaying the amazing detailed sets and models from the movie, they also recreated the noodle bar to actual size and were serving. We then went onto The Other Art Fair and saw some truly amazing artists and there work… very inspiring!

I did also find time to fit in some weekend craft… as I’m currently loving discovering all the things you can make from old T-shirts… I bring you 52 Weekends No.26 – No Sew T-Tote!

No Sew Tote | 52 Weekends | Stacy Grant No Sew T-shirt Tote | 52 Weekends | Stacy Grant

Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards 2017

I’m feeling so proud and very honoured to have been a Finalist in this year’s Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards and to see my work hanging in The Mall Galleries London. I’m delighted to announce that my shot ‘Apple Tart’ took 3rd place in the ‘Apple a day’ category. It was a really fun night and such a great experience! The exhibition is running from today until the 29th April and it’s free, pop in if you can!

Pink Lady Food Photographer of the year Awards 2017 Stacy Grant


Non Food Friday – MK Museum

I’ve lived in Milton Keynes for over ten years and yet I never realised that there was an MK Museum. I was even more surprised to discover what a wonderful, interesting and interactive museum it was. Lots of rooms to explore in and old house, with Victorian musical instrument to play, vintage toys, an old school room, a Victorian kitchen where we were encouraged to cook toast on the fire. There was an old village with all the shops to look in… it was just wonderful. We had the place pretty much to ourselves, with a few volunteers around to reassure you it was okay to touch, turn and pick things up.

I loved it… I saw so many things that I wanted to use as props in my food photography, lots of lovely old tins, plates, kitchen equipment… everything! What a magical place!!

Mk Museum Old class room MK Museum

Knuckle dusters MK Museum

Vintage Pantry - MK Museum

Vintage Oxo tin - MK Museum

Vintage bottles - MK Museum

Vintage pots - MK Museum

Vintage Mincers - MK Museum

Beautiful Vintage butter dish - MK Museum

Victorian acordian - MK museum

Victorian tram - MK Museum

Victorian dining room - MK Museum

Vintage coblers - MK Museum

Mk Museum

Street MK Museum

Old cash register - MK Museum

Vintage Toys - MK Museum

Creepy doll - MK Museum

Hemmed In

On Friday evening Sarah and I decided to take a little wander around MK Gallery, before going to the cinema. 
The gallery is currently exhibiting embroidery and needle work by local craft artists, organised by MK Embroiders Guild and Mr X – who also happens to be one of the head NSO in Roller Derby. 
These were some of my favourites.

Museum Ludwig

Whilst in Cologne I visited the modern art gallery, Museum Ludwig. Which includes works from Pop Art, Abstract and Surrealism and has one of the largest Picasso collections in Europe. I loved seeing the work of Roy Lichenstein, Andy Walhol and Picasso close up… so close you could see the brush marks, cracked paint and sometimes the drawing underneath. I also saw, for the first time, some of the mad and marvelous work of Claes Oldenburg, I especially loved his collection of ray guns and things that look like ray guns.

Me and Andy

 Picasso close up
 Me and Pablo
 One of Claes Oldenburg crazy kistch collections


Thursday and Friday I was in Germany for Photokina, a huge photographic expo held in Cologne. It was so massive… there was so much to see; equiptment, accessories, cameras, talks, workshops and random models… everything. I was thrilled to see a large Lomography display, showcasing some of the great Lomo cameras that I’d love to own. And saw some great exhibitions of work, my favourite was a large collection of work by Uwe Ommer & Regine Feldgen of Teens & Families in Europe..Amazing!

It was so exhausting, I’d been up since before 5 to catch the plane, then after travelling we walked the 2 miles to the exhibition and then spent the next 5 hours walking around all the stalls before embarking on the walk back to the hotel… It was so worth it though.