It’s Not All Food Food Food!

Sometimes I shoot something a little bit different…This was a full day model shoot for all the different colours available for Avon foundation. I had 17  girls to shoot but I’ve just decided to show a small selection, if you want to see the rest then keep your eyes open for the next Avon catalogue 😉

The models are staff members of the Avon Head Office… I’ve never seen such a bunch a naturally beautiful girls!

Avon Face by Stacy Grant


Vintage Retro Camera Display

I’m a collector, I collect all sorts of things, so naturally one of the thing I collect is vintage and retro cameras. They have been gathering on my shelves and been becoming increasingly more cramped. So finally I decided to make them their own display space. I’ve had this large empty frame for tens years just gathering dust with no purpose, so I hung that on the wall, painting the inside space black, then hung two box shelves inside and a couple of hooks and boom, awesome display space… I love it!

Vintage camera display

Something on the side

Here’s a little project I’ve been working on, on the side.. an Antler headdress.

I made the antlers from craft wire that I already had floating around in my art box and then wrapped them in tin foil (whilst watching the movie The Worst Witch). Then I papier mache’d them… once dried I stuck them to a cheap headband that I bought in Primark for a pound, using a hot glue gun. Then added lots of silk flowers that I’ve been collecting from various places, including a recent flower shoot. I love how well it turned out.



Non Food Friday

I went a little crazy whilst late night shopping last night and came home with three cardigans, two dresses and a pair of PJs. So far this year I’m averaging two new dresses a month, which reminds me of my new years resolution two years ago which was to buy a dress every month, only now it’s two per month… oops.

Here’s one of them, accessories with my pearl collar, bronze belt and one of my new cardigans 😀

Vintage look dress