Alternative Christmas Tree

It’s not only non food Friday but it’s also the run up to Christmas and I’ve given in to the Christmas cheer and put my tree up… well my Christmas branch.

I found this branch about four years ago in the work carpark, painted it white and have used it for my tree ever since… I love it. I bought the tear drop baubles in Asda and the cameo ones from Frost garden centre. This year I also utilised a broken string of pearls to add even more glamour. Merry Christmas.

Alternative Christmas Tree


Winter Wonderland

This weeks Non Food Friday is all about Christmas, I found myself in the local garden centre this week and Christmas is already in there. Looking at all the beautiful Xmas decorations, made me realise that Christmas really isn’t that far away, 11 weeks I think!! I’m loving the mint green and aqua colours of the decorations, surprisingly I only came away with a little wooden tea light holder.

Aqua Christmas baublesChristmas decorationsChristmas tree decorations


Rachel Ryle – Don’t Stop Motion

I’m a huge fan of stop frame animation, for a long time it’s what I wanted to do for a career… maybe I still will one day.  So for this weeks Non Food Friday I’d like to introduce you to an amazing illustrator and  animator that I came across on Intagram.

The candy floss animation was the first piece of her work that I saw and I was a fan immediately and it’s still my favourite of all her work. Rachel is wonderful to follow on Instagram as she often adds new animations, she has also just set up a Facebook page Don’t Stop Motion. Go check out her wonderful creations!!

Non Food Friday – MK Museum

I’ve lived in Milton Keynes for over ten years and yet I never realised that there was an MK Museum. I was even more surprised to discover what a wonderful, interesting and interactive museum it was. Lots of rooms to explore in and old house, with Victorian musical instrument to play, vintage toys, an old school room, a Victorian kitchen where we were encouraged to cook toast on the fire. There was an old village with all the shops to look in… it was just wonderful. We had the place pretty much to ourselves, with a few volunteers around to reassure you it was okay to touch, turn and pick things up.

I loved it… I saw so many things that I wanted to use as props in my food photography, lots of lovely old tins, plates, kitchen equipment… everything! What a magical place!!

Mk Museum Old class room MK Museum

Knuckle dusters MK Museum

Vintage Pantry - MK Museum

Vintage Oxo tin - MK Museum

Vintage bottles - MK Museum

Vintage pots - MK Museum

Vintage Mincers - MK Museum

Beautiful Vintage butter dish - MK Museum

Victorian acordian - MK museum

Victorian tram - MK Museum

Victorian dining room - MK Museum

Vintage coblers - MK Museum

Mk Museum

Street MK Museum

Old cash register - MK Museum

Vintage Toys - MK Museum

Creepy doll - MK Museum

Non Food Friday – Woburn Village Festival

Last weekend was the Woburn Village Festival, an annual event in my village that I really look forward to. The festival used to known as the Oyster Festival because it was all about eating Oysters, drinking beer and listening to live music. Last year it changed to the Village Festival to make it more a family event, they still sell Oysters and  have live music, but it’s not quite the same. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of antique stalls there this year and picked up a lovely little vintage Hovis tin for only £4… bargain!

Woburn Oyster Festival

Woburn Village Festival

Woburn Village Festival antiques

Vintage Hovis bread tin

Non Food Friday – Exploding Scrapbook Box

For the one year anniversary of the day I met my boyfriend I gave him a little book with the reasons why I love him so much on every page. This year for our second anniversary, I made him an Exploding Scrapbook Box, full of photos of us over the last two years. It was a great idea I found on Pinterest, with a tutorial on how to make it, check it out…

I bought the embossed blue card from Hobbycraft  and was delighted to find a pack of ‘Gorjuss’ scrapbooking craft papers by Suzanne Woolcott  and a date stamper by K&Company SMASH… amazing.  I loved how it turned out, who knows why handmade idea I’ll come up with next year!

Craft Papers Suzanne Woolcott Gorjuss

Making Exploding box

Scrapbook Box

Exploding box

Exploding Scrapbook Box

Scrapbook box