52 Weekends No.37 – Fathers Day Memory Bracelet

It’s that wonderful time of the week…the weekend! Time to rest, to have fun, spend time with the ones you love and generally feel a little more carefree than usual.

This Sunday  is Father’s Day, for some of us this day isn’t an easy one to get through, it’s hard seeing all the cards in the shops when you no longer have someone to buy for. But I didn’t want to let this day go by uncelebrated so I decided to use an old vintage watch I picked up in a charity shop, remove the clock face and replace with one of my favourite photos of my dad and I. It makes a lovely piece of jewellery to wear on those tough days.

Fathers Day 2018 | Memory Bracelet | 52 Weekends | Stacy Grant creative photographer


52 Weekends No. 36 – Elderflower Cordial

I love summer weekends, they’re long, warm and flowery. Have you noticed all the Elderflowers in full bloom at the moment? I’ve been seeing it everywhere and I couldn’t resist picking some and trying to make elderflower cordial (for the first time). I was really pleased to discover it’s very simple and worked out just perfect for this week’s 52 Weekends No.36 – Elderflower cordial.

All you need is 8 elderflower heads, 250g caster sugar, 2 tbsp honey, 500ml water, 1 lemon (zest and juice 1 half and slice the other half). Slowly bring to the boil the water, sugar and honey and when the sugar has dissolved take off the heat and add the elderflower flowers facing down then add all the other ingredients and leave in the pan with lid on for 24 hours. Finally strain through muslin and store in a sterilized jar. Why not give it a try?!

Elderflower Cordial | 52 weekends by Stacy Grant

Elderflower Cordial | 52 weekends by Stacy Grant

Non Food Friday – Go Green

It’s NON FOOD FRIDAY! Happy to finally be able to share some of the awesome cross stitch designs in the latest Issue of X Stitch Mag (out now).

This awesome piece is by StitchDotCom and I’m sharing this one first as it was a fun challenge to shoot. As always Mr X (The Editor) and I sat down at the beginning of issue 4 production to discuss all the designs going into this issue and how we imagined the best way to shoot them. For this piece Mr X wanted to see it through a rainy window… never once to shy away from a photographic challenge and armed with a glycerine spray I excepted and this is the out come! I look forward to sharing more designs from Issue 4 – Green over the coming weeks.

Seattle City StitchDotCom | XStitchMag | Photography by Stacy Grant