Adventures in Wonderland

This week I begin one of my most exciting projects… I’m shooting a craft book where the products are all based on Wonderland! I almost burst with excitement when I was contacted to shoot this book as I’ve been a huge lover of all things Alice since I was a little girl.

So I’ve been rummaging around my house gathering props for the project, some of them I’ve had since I was small… I love putting in personal items that mean so much to me into my work!! Cannot wait to start shoot this book!

Alice in Wonderland Stacy Grant


Vintage Retro Camera Display

I’m a collector, I collect all sorts of things, so naturally one of the thing I collect is vintage and retro cameras. They have been gathering on my shelves and been becoming increasingly more cramped. So finally I decided to make them their own display space. I’ve had this large empty frame for tens years just gathering dust with no purpose, so I hung that on the wall, painting the inside space black, then hung two box shelves inside and a couple of hooks and boom, awesome display space… I love it!

Vintage camera display

Non Food Friday

I went a little crazy whilst late night shopping last night and came home with three cardigans, two dresses and a pair of PJs. So far this year I’m averaging two new dresses a month, which reminds me of my new years resolution two years ago which was to buy a dress every month, only now it’s two per month… oops.

Here’s one of them, accessories with my pearl collar, bronze belt and one of my new cardigans 😀

Vintage look dress