Taco Tuesday – Chiquito

Just realised I haven’t posted in over a week…sorry! Last week was crazy busy, as is this week.

So one of my jobs last week was shooting the new Chiquito’s menu. We shot it in one of their restaurants, whilst diners sat around us having their breakfast, lunch and dinners!  Chef cooked it fresh as it would be served in the restaurant and David the food stylist gave each dish a few tweaks here and there just to make sure it looked perfect yet remaining authentic. Lovely job, wonder colours and textures.

Here’s a couple of their dishes – Tacos and Enchiladas, and a phone snap of the restaurant.

Chiquito tacos by Stacy Grant

Chiquito Enchiladas by Stacy Grant Chiquito Restaurant Uxbridge Photoshoot

National Watermelon Day

Today in National Watermelon Day in the US but it looks like we too have adopted it here in the UK. Watermelons are available in all the supermarkets at the moment and only £2 for a whole one, they are tasting super sweet right now so are delicious just chopped up and eaten as they are, but it you get a little bored of they try this little recipe…. Feta cheese, balsamic glaze and fresh mint…YUM!

Watermelon Feta and balsamic syrup | Stacy Gran