Fresh Fruit & Veg

I’ve been pushing really hard over the last few months to refresh the look and feel of the fruit and veg signage in store. The current signs look so dated, unappealing and no way do they encourage me to want to buy what they are advertising. The produce looks so staged and over styled which makes the food look so unnatural.

The ideas I have been working on is to make the produce the main focus of the shot and look fresh, mouth wateringly tasty and  ultimately make you want to eat it. Here’s what the new look and feel will hopefully look like.

fruit and veg by Stacy Grant

Fruit by Stacy Grant

Fruit photography by Stacy Grant

Tara Fisher

I can’t quite remember when or where I first heard about Tara Fisher, but I am a huge fan of her work. Tara has worked in the industry for over ten years, she shoots for magazines and advertising and has also worked on many cookbooks. Her work is beautifully lit with simple uncomplicated compositions. I like how the styling is delicate and keeps things feeling very realistic. Beautiful work, very inspiring to me.



Tara Fisher


Christmas Dinner

The one question I’m always asked as a food photographer is ‘Do you shoot real food or is it fake?’  In the past it was popular to use tricks to help the food withstand the length of a photoshoot by using dummy plastic food, mash potato for ice cream, motor oil as syrup etc. But I always shoot the real thing to keep everything looking as natural and honest as possible.  I find a brush of oil or juices onto meat to refresh it is enough to keep the dish looking fresh.

For my recent Christmas food shoot I picked up a little tip from our food stylist who was brushing the turkeys with mix of marmite, washing up liquid and cooking oil.  Using a small paint brush she covered any pale patches on the turkeys in places were the bird hadn’t naturally brown, to give a lovely even colour all over. Great tip.

Food Photography

Christmas food photoshoot

Christmas Turkey

Lamb guard of honour



What Katie Ate

On Thursday a cookbook that I have been waiting for, for what feels like forever arrived. I decided to save it until the weekend before sitting down to look though it so I could really enjoy it… it was so worth the wait.

It’s absolutely beautiful. The food styling really inspirational to me, it’s very true and natural, nothing ever feels over styled and there’s usually lots of salt and herbs scattered messily on and about the dish, which is a huge trend in food photography at the moment. I love the props she uses and the prop styling, lovely old vintage used looking plates, ultensils, fabrics napkins and surfaces. The book itself is also designed by Katie, who worked at a graphic designer before moving into food photography and that’s gorgeous too. All the pages are unique with lots of sticky tape and stitching, textured paper backgrounds and old typewriter and other fun fonts, with makes it feel a little like a homemade recipe book complete with cooking stains.

I’m really happy to have it as part of my cookbook collection.