Food Glorious Food

Last week I found out that I had made it through to the regional heats of a new TV show called Food Glorious Food. The show is searching for a new dish to be sold in M&S stores.  The heat was held at Knebworth House on Saturday. I chose to make a faux chicken and mushroom pot pie and served it in a little dish which I customised with my own little doodle and message which is revealed after you finish eating the pie.

 My customised dishes
 View from my workstation
 Judge Stacie Stewart from the Beehive Bakery
 Judge Anne Harrison Vice Chair of the WI
 Judge Tom Parker Bowles, Chamilla’s son and food writer
 Judge Loyd Grossman from the pasta sauce jar
 And the lovely Carol Vorderman

Museum Ludwig

Whilst in Cologne I visited the modern art gallery, Museum Ludwig. Which includes works from Pop Art, Abstract and Surrealism and has one of the largest Picasso collections in Europe. I loved seeing the work of Roy Lichenstein, Andy Walhol and Picasso close up… so close you could see the brush marks, cracked paint and sometimes the drawing underneath. I also saw, for the first time, some of the mad and marvelous work of Claes Oldenburg, I especially loved his collection of ray guns and things that look like ray guns.

Me and Andy

 Picasso close up
 Me and Pablo
 One of Claes Oldenburg crazy kistch collections

Cologne Cathedral

Our Hotel was right in centre of Cologne and right next to the stunning Cologne Cathedral, the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe. Inside was just as stunning as the outside and I even attempted to climb the 533 steps up the 475 feet tower. Sadly my fear of heights kicked in at about step 490 and I started to shake and had to slowly work my way back down.


Thursday and Friday I was in Germany for Photokina, a huge photographic expo held in Cologne. It was so massive… there was so much to see; equiptment, accessories, cameras, talks, workshops and random models… everything. I was thrilled to see a large Lomography display, showcasing some of the great Lomo cameras that I’d love to own. And saw some great exhibitions of work, my favourite was a large collection of work by Uwe Ommer & Regine Feldgen of Teens & Families in Europe..Amazing!

It was so exhausting, I’d been up since before 5 to catch the plane, then after travelling we walked the 2 miles to the exhibition and then spent the next 5 hours walking around all the stalls before embarking on the walk back to the hotel… It was so worth it though.

Ladies Who Lunch

So as well as being on holiday all last week, I also have this week off to chill. So yesterday I scheduled and girly lunch with two of my friends. The challenge came when one of my friends texted me the night before letting me know that she had just found out that due to her pregnancy she has developed gestational diabetes… so I quickly needed to rethink the cucumber sandwiches and scones menu and come up with something with no sugar or carbs. The result… faux chicken and avocado salad with sweet potato wedges and fruit kebabs for desert.

We had a lovely long lunch, a good old catch up and lots of fun coming up with names for my friends future baby… we decided on Fox (boy or girl). I also got to wear my new skirt (£12 Asda) and top (£16 River island) and my favourite tea cup ring.

There’s No Place Like Home

I returned home from Cornwall on Saturday, with an epic 7 hour journey and was greeted by a very happy boyfriend and two very affectionate cats… it was great to be home.

We spent a lovely Sunday together, we took a stroll into Woburn for the monthly farmers market and bought some lovely cheese; one ale and mustard cheddar and a smoked cheddar..yum!

Then we met up with friends for a lovely Sunday roast at Ye Old Swan in Woughton… I had the most amazing nut wellington which was seriously delicious!!

Followed by a trip to the cinema to see Judge Dredd 3D… which was really cool. I know nothing about the story or Jugde Dredd so I went in blind. I really enjoyed the story, the slow motion 3D effects and and amazing end death scene, which considering how gory the film was and how I’m not really into gore the final death was really rather beautiful.