Bodmin Jail

Today’s adventures lead us to Bodmin Jail… an amazing place full of horror stories of past prisoners and their harsh punishments carried out at the jail over centuries. There are five levels to explore including the incredibly dark and eerily cold basement. You also see the execution pit, gallows, whipping post, stocks and also a derelict wing full of rows and rows of cells… which I loved and was by far the spookiest part of the building, but maybe that because we were the only people walking around that part at the time…it was great!

2 thoughts on “Bodmin Jail

  1. wow! this is very cool. i would have freaked out, but loved it at the same time. i’ve been to alcatraz and this looks extremely more eery! especially the fake people?! what’s that all about?!?
    looks like you’re really enjoying this time off … that’s super, but i miss you! xx

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