There’s No Place Like Home

I returned home from Cornwall on Saturday, with an epic 7 hour journey and was greeted by a very happy boyfriend and two very affectionate cats… it was great to be home.

We spent a lovely Sunday together, we took a stroll into Woburn for the monthly farmers market and bought some lovely cheese; one ale and mustard cheddar and a smoked cheddar..yum!

Then we met up with friends for a lovely Sunday roast at Ye Old Swan in Woughton… I had the most amazing nut wellington which was seriously delicious!!

Followed by a trip to the cinema to see Judge Dredd 3D… which was really cool. I know nothing about the story or Jugde Dredd so I went in blind. I really enjoyed the story, the slow motion 3D effects and and amazing end death scene, which considering how gory the film was and how I’m not really into gore the final death was really rather beautiful.