Ladies Who Lunch

So as well as being on holiday all last week, I also have this week off to chill. So yesterday I scheduled and girly lunch with two of my friends. The challenge came when one of my friends texted me the night before letting me know that she had just found out that due to her pregnancy she has developed gestational diabetes… so I quickly needed to rethink the cucumber sandwiches and scones menu and come up with something with no sugar or carbs. The result… faux chicken and avocado salad with sweet potato wedges and fruit kebabs for desert.

We had a lovely long lunch, a good old catch up and lots of fun coming up with names for my friends future baby… we decided on Fox (boy or girl). I also got to wear my new skirt (£12 Asda) and top (£16 River island) and my favourite tea cup ring.

One thought on “Ladies Who Lunch

  1. One day I hope I can blog about my lady friends & the lunches we shared 🙂
    Not sure Neal’s on board though. Sounds like loads of fun!!

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