The Fabulous Baker Brothers

This ‘Weekend Cookbook Review’ is looking at the food photography in The Fabulous Baker Brother cookbook.

A colleague of mine recommended that I watch the TV program of the that goes with this book as he said the said the way it is filmed is really lovely and thought I would really like it, however as I don’t own a telly I got the book instead and he wasn’t wrong the photography is really beautiful.

The books has a lot of shots of bread being made, behind the scenes with the brothers Tom and Henry Herbert (Tom is the baker and runs the family bakery and Henry runs the butchers next door) as well as food photography.

The food shots are very dark and rustic, which I am really into at the moment and really works well with homemade bread photography. I was surprised at how simple the styling was, in most cases just the bread on black slate with a scattering of flour, not even sliced or torn into, but it worked well… so simple, the bread is the main focus and the textures of the bread really stand out.

My favourite shot in the book is on page 218 for the recipe Toms Full English, the shot is set on a wooden kitchen table, coffee mug and a breakfast plate with only the sauce swirls and bacon rind left of the plate… it’s brilliant, you know what’s been on the plate and it makes you feel like you’ve just eaten that breakfast…  I love it. Great photography by talented photographer Chris Terry.

The Fabulous Baker Brothers