Weekend Cookbook Review – Rick Stein’s India

I’m currently working on a food project at work where the client requested that we use plates and dishes like those used in Rick Stein’s India cookbook, so I thought that’s a great reason to review this book as part of my weekend cookbook review.

The first thing you notice when you open this book is the high contrast of the images and all the wonderful colours that you would expect to see in India – beautiful teal blues, bright oranges and reds. There’s a good balance of food images, people and culinary life in India. I love the shots of people selling food, cooking food, fishing and farming as well as the shots of markets, food stalls and farms.

The food photography is shot outside on location by James Murphy, food styling by Aya Nishimura and prop styling by Penny Markham. The photography is very real and honest, the dishes are made to look like they have been cooked in the plate, pan or tray they are presented on. The plated dish is then presented on various beautiful aged wooden surfaces, along side chopping boards and knives with the ingredients being prepped. There is no over propping with cups or glasses, everything in the shot is there to tell the story that this dish has just been made, with herbs and spices scattered about in just the right way that it never looks over styled.

Really lovely, inspiration styling.

Rick Stein's India