Weekend Cookbook Review – Apples For Jam

I came across Apples For Jam about five or six years ago, it was the first cookbook that really inspired me to get into food photography as for the first time ever I looked at food photography in a totally different light.

The images in this book really tell a story, give you a sense of place, time of day and occasion. It was the first time that I had seen images full of not just food but fun props, toys, books, vintage tins and wonderful used crockery. It opened my eyes as before this book I was just used to seeing very clean, static, perfectly styled food shots and here was this book which really gave you a feeling that this was real, honest food photography.

It’s nowhere near the messy ‘just tucked into’ styling that is currently trending but I do feel it was the step before this and helped guide many photographers and stylist to head into the direction we are all enjoying at the moment.

Written by Tessa Kiros, photographed by Manos Chatzikonstantis and styled by Michail Touros

Apples For Jam