Comfort Food

Look at this lovely shot I took today for a recipe card, comfort food classic! Roasted sausages, butternut squash, red onion and sage. So yummy I can’t wait to make myself the veggie sausage version for dinner. I asked chef to chop the butternut squash nice and chunky so that it retained it’s shape and could be easily recognisable and he fried the sage separately so I could placed that afterwards. ┬áThe red onions were also cooked separately too and not for ┬álong so that they kept their shape and the stylist painted them with balsamic glaze mixed with the juices for the sausages just to colour them up slightly. I propped the shot with apples picked from the tree outside as the recipe is pork and apple sausages.

S=Roasted sausages, butternut squash, red onion and sage