2 thoughts on “Fried Chicken

  1. Glad they look effortless, but the truth is everything has been over thought in those shots! To start the ‘Prop stylist’ and I choose a surface to shoot on, plate, napkin and background accessories that will tell the right story and suit the food. Then I’m tweaking the lighting to get the right atmosphere. Then when the food comes out the ‘food stylist’ will spend time arranging it to show the food at it’s best. More light tweaking by me now the food is on set. Then the ‘Art Director’ comes down to add his comments, we make any amends before tucking in, taking bites out, dropping crumbs adding sauce to added the real feel to the shot. And it’s a wrap… well then we send it to the client to approve and if they like it it’s a wrap if not, start over!

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