Summertime Food Photography

Firstly sorry, it appears to have been a month since my last blog entry… I’ve been busy shooting food and wine as well as enjoying a week off at home spring cleaning and prop shopping.

I’m so happy that Spring is finally here, ┬áthe blossom and daffodils are out and everything we are shooting in the studio is being lit to suggest alfesco dining. We’ve seen lots of BBQ food coming in to be shot, we’ve even built a little BBQ set with grass in a corner of the studio.

Even my recent wine shoot was shot in a very different style to what the team usually like. The brief was to create a fresh outdoors feel and included a lot more food than we usually do, suggesting friends coming together at Easter.

Breadsticks by Stacy Grant

Wine by Stacy Grant

Rustic Bread by Stacy Grant

Salmon by Stacy Grant

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 12.32.39