Artist Portrait

I absolutely love portraits of artists in their studios surrounded by all the things that inspirer them, their work and all the little details that tell the story of who they really are. Inspired by this I decided to drop in on an old friend in her studio, as we were long over due a catch up.

Wendy is a talented surface pattern designer, who I was lucky enough to meet whilst we were in college back in the late 90s. Wendy is currently using her designs on the covers of the personalised books she make for her company Doris & Fred  (named after her grandparents) she work from her beautiful studio situated in her garden, built by her skilled husband Sean out of reclaimed wood, windows and doors – who is now building these beautiful bespoke outhouses to order at Backyard Headspace

It was wonderful catching up with Wendy over a Diet Coke just like old times and I was lucky enough to get a couple of snaps of her too, thank you Wendy!

Surface pattern designer Wendy Flynn, Doris & Fred
Surface pattern designer Wendy Flynn, Doris & Fred

Doris and Fred

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