52 Weekends No. 46 – New Sketchbook

Had such a nice weekend, got to grab a coffee and a have a good chat with my friend and we got talking about life and work and balance. I’m very much work, work work, and highly critical of myself and often creatively frustrated, but also happiest when doing something. So I’ve decided to go back to my beginning and start drawing again, just for me and just see where I end up. So I treated myself to a nice new sketch book and a pack of watercolour pens. My Plan is to draw as much as I can, fill the book and do it just for me with no plans for people to see it and just let it naturally evolve. Hopefully this will be my own little create project… just for me. But you can see the first!

52 weekends No.46 Watercolour | Stacy Grant | Craft Photography