Meat Free Monday – Beetroot, Sweet potato and Feta Quiche

I Love making Quiche, they’re always a go to when guests come over as they are so colourful and tasty, and a joy to make. I’ve wanted to make this one for a long time… ever since I got a jar of Compton McRae’s beetroot savoury marmalade at a food Expo. Maybe give it a try for a MEAT FREE MONDAY, it doesn’t disappoint!

I cheated this time on the pastry and bought ready rolled, but if you have time do make your own. For the filling chop and roast one sweet potato for about 30 min. Blind back the pastry, 15 mins with grease proof paper and baking beans (if you have them if not I use¬†uncooked rice) to hold it down and then 10 mins without. Add the filling to the pasty case…roasted sweet potato, slices and wedges of cooked beetroot (I use vac packed as less messy than cooking your own), dot spoonfuls of Compton McRae’s beetroot savoury marmalade and add broken pieces of feta. I beat 4 eggs and mix with 1 cup of cream, pour over the filling add lots of seasoning and a little more broken feta and bake for 40 mins at 170C.

Beetroot Quiche | Meat Free Monday | Stacy Grant | Food Photographer | Vegetarian recipe