52 Weekends No.37 – Fathers Day Memory Bracelet

It’s that wonderful time of the week…the weekend! Time to rest, to have fun, spend time with the ones you love and generally feel a little more carefree than usual.

This Sunday  is Father’s Day, for some of us this day isn’t an easy one to get through, it’s hard seeing all the cards in the shops when you no longer have someone to buy for. But I didn’t want to let this day go by uncelebrated so I decided to use an old vintage watch I picked up in a charity shop, remove the clock face and replace with one of my favourite photos of my dad and I. It makes a lovely piece of jewellery to wear on those tough days.

Fathers Day 2018 | Memory Bracelet | 52 Weekends | Stacy Grant creative photographer


52 Weekends No. 36 – Elderflower Cordial

I love summer weekends, they’re long, warm and flowery. Have you noticed all the Elderflowers in full bloom at the moment? I’ve been seeing it everywhere and I couldn’t resist picking some and trying to make elderflower cordial (for the first time). I was really pleased to discover it’s very simple and worked out just perfect for this week’s 52 Weekends No.36 – Elderflower cordial.

All you need is 8 elderflower heads, 250g caster sugar, 2 tbsp honey, 500ml water, 1 lemon (zest and juice 1 half and slice the other half). Slowly bring to the boil the water, sugar and honey and when the sugar has dissolved take off the heat and add the elderflower flowers facing down then add all the other ingredients and leave in the pan with lid on for 24 hours. Finally strain through muslin and store in a sterilized jar. Why not give it a try?!

Elderflower Cordial | 52 weekends by Stacy Grant

Elderflower Cordial | 52 weekends by Stacy Grant

52 Weekends No.35 – Festival Flower Crown

This weekend we enjoyed sunshine, live music, Halloumi burgers, hippy stalls, axe throwing and Morris dancing at the Strawberry Festival in Cambridge. Inspired by all the flower crowns seen at the festival I decided to make my own with some garden wire and some ribbons and artificial flowers I had in my craft box… it’s so pretty i don’t want to take it off!

Festival Flower Crown | 52 weekends  | Inspiration by Stacy Grant

52 Weekends No. 34 – Needle Felting

I’ve had such a busy week working really long hours that it made me look forward to this weekend more than usual. Saturday morning on the way to the supermarket to do the weekend shop I detoured into Hobbycraft to buy some supplies and have a browse. Ever since I’ve been getting more involved in the craft world for work I’ve been drawn towards the needle felt creations I’ve seen (possibly because most of the time they are cute little animals), so when I found this sweet little dinosaur felt making kit for £4 I knew I had found this weekends project.

I was completely new to this and it was a great craft to learn, the instructions were simple and easy to follow and all you needed to add was a tons of patience. I sat on the sofa whilst the kids watched a movie stabbing away and bringing my little creation to life (stabbed my fingers a couple of times too). It’s quite addictive, therapeutic and has left me feeling very inspired to make my own designs, maybe some cute little aliens next! For £4 I would highly recommend giving this mindful little craft a try!

Needle Felting Dinosaur | Stacy Grant Creative craft photographer Dino Project | Needle Felting Dinosaur | Stacy Grant Creative craft photographer


52 Weekends No.32 – Crafty Goings On

This weekend was the Kirstie Allsopp Handmade Fair at Ragley Hall… just the place to get inspired by all things handmade, buy craft supplies and photo props, treat yourself to jewellery and try out a workshop or two. I opted for the Mr X Stitch embroider your own handwriting workshop (obviously… any excuse to hang out with my X Stitch buddy) which was an awesome workshop, I learnt chain stitch and came home with a work in progress. Plus in the Craftmakers tent I got to say hi to my good friend Tigerlilly Makes and admire all the gorgeous treasure on her stand and I treated myself to some beautiful handmade cat earrings by The Old Farmhouse Jewellery and a couple of brooches by Jazzy Menagerie.

It was the perfect Crafty weekend!

Mr X Stitch Workshop | 52 Weekends | Weekend Inspiration Mr X Stitch Workshop | 52 Weekends | Weekend Inspiration

52 Weekends No.31 – Games in the Garden

52 Weekends No. 31 – Games in the Garden. What a lovely hot sunny bank Holiday weekend! I spent mine in my Mum’s garden in Kent, we cut the grass, pulled up the weeds and planted lots of seeds. I found an interesting looking log in her garage and decided to use it to make a naughts and crosses board. I then gathered 9 pebbles and decorated them with a garden theme and bumble bees and flowers… looks super cute!

52 Weekends | Naughts and crosses | Tic Tac Toe | Stacy  Grant

52 Weekends | Naughts and crosses | Tic Tac Toe | Bees | Stacy  Grant

52 Weekends No.30 – April Showers

I find it rather cosy when it’s heavily raining outside and you are wrapped up all snuggly and warm on the sofa listening to it tapping on the windows. So when the weather forces you to stay in what better way to spend your time than making something crafty.

This weekend’s project, inspired by the April showers is a cute cloud trinket holder made with white air dry clay, a cute, quick and easy project, give it a try!

April Showers | Air dry clay | Cloud Trinket Holder  | 52 Weekends Stacy Grant Photography April Showers | Air dry clay | Cloud Trinket Holder  | 52 Weekends Stacy Grant Photography

52 weekends No. 29 – Pottering

What beautiful weather we’re having this weekend! There was no doubt how I was going to spend this weekend… in my garden. First day of the year I’ve spent time out there, I love just wandering around admiring the plants and flowers I’ve grown – the garden was empty when we moved in so everything out there is all my own work. I had little tidy up, put up some new trellis, brought out the garden furniture and gathered together some tired looking pots and an old broken watering can which I decided to bring to life. I was also given an old chimnea recently and I decided to set that up a planter. With £10 spent in Morrisons on new plants (that included a Wisteria and Clematis, which I also potted) and some old paint I had stored in the garage it was a happy little weekend project that brought some more colour into the garden and gave me a good dose of vitamin D.

52 weekends Pottering | Garden inspiration | Stacy Grant Creative Photographer 52 weekends Pottering | Garden inspiration | Stacy Grant Creative Photographer

52 Weekends No.28 – For The Love of French Knitting

I’ve had my French Knitting doll since I was five years old, it’s had it’s pin replaced over the years but I still love it. It’s easy and fun to do, it’s also very handy to carry around with you (I took mine out  with me yesterday and knitted whilst the kids played in the park). The dilemma is what to make with it once you’ve made a string. You can thread wire through it and make words or shapes (like hearts) or use it as chunky wool and knit with it. Or like me add a big button and make a lovely bracelet!

French knitting | 52 Weekends | Craft inspiration project | Stacy Grant French knitting | 52 Weekends | Craft inspiration project | Stacy Grant

(You can see me modelling it on my Instagram feed)